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VA routes updated to AIRAC 1802 cycle
PMDG NGX update
Fleet change adopted
North Atlantic Crossing - GANDER changes
PMDG B738 upgrade

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ESA0055Serge Cousin19.2 hrs ago
ESA1311Stephen Cooke22.1 hrs ago
ESA0055Serge Cousin23.4 hrs ago
ESA0055Serge Cousin2 days ago
ESA5206Stephen Cooke4 days ago

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Udo Dordelmann
Joao Bosco V Leal Jr
Andrew Leigh
Frits Temple
Mark Harris


We have various systems for flight reporting (PIREP):

The inbuilt IPS ( Integrated Pirep System ) will automatically record and log flights when flown on the VATSIM netwok.

ESA-Connect a custom kAcars stand alone unit offering flight recording and reporting and the ability to search and book flights from the schedules. The unit allows pilots to fly either OFFLINE or using the IVAO, VATSIM networks and is supplied to members.

A modified acars system  for FS FlightKeeper allows integration to the IPS system. Again this system supports OFFLINE flying as well as reporting of flights on IVAO or VATSIM networks. ( Commercial product FS FlightKeeper is required ).

Backup manual reporting system is available should it be required.