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VA routes updated to AIRAC 1802 cycle
PMDG NGX update
Fleet change adopted
North Atlantic Crossing - GANDER changes
PMDG B738 upgrade

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ESA0055Serge Cousin19.3 hrs ago
ESA1311Stephen Cooke22.1 hrs ago
ESA0055Serge Cousin23.4 hrs ago
ESA0055Serge Cousin2 days ago
ESA5206Stephen Cooke4 days ago

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Udo Dordelmann
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Frits Temple
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This are the Terms and Conditions of Eurostar Aviation Virtual.

1. Pilots at Eurostar Aviation are expected to follow certain standard procedures. These procedures serve to facilitate, enhance, and organise the flight simulation. Besides rules and regulations, your virtual airline is based upon fun, operational integrity, and collective aviation education. Eurostar Aviation chooses to simplify the experience as much as possible while maintaining a minimum required level of competence which most pilots feel comfortable with. New pilots should expect the managerial and operational team of Eurostar Aviation to aid and provide them with an enjoyable experience. In return, Eurostar Aviation expects its pilots to follow the published guidelines of membership, and the published procedures.
2. Members are expected to be courteous at all times within the VA and when representing Eurostar-Aviation Virtual online. Failure to adhere to this requirement will lead to the cancellation of membership.
3. A pilot shall submit a minimum of one Flight Report (FREP) per 30 day period. Should a pilot be unable to fly regularly , an email should be sent to the Area Manager explaining their prolonged absence.
4. A pilot is registered as inactive in our database once the said pilot does not submit a minimum of one Flight Report in a 30 day period. Failure to submit a flight report for a total of three months will lead to the member been retired from the organisation. Your data will however remain for a period of one year and you are welcome to return at any time in the future. After the one year period your data will no longer be attributed to you and any re-join will be afresh
5. A member found to be using pirated software WILL BE REMOVED from the register without warning.
I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.